Wednesday, June 08, 2011

That's So Random...

A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

First we'll start with a little gardening! We are featuring Cavallini's NEW Floral Ephemera sheet with all things floral.

It's always fun to see what Kevynn & Wendy come up with when I give them a little project.
This is Kevynn's interpretation of a flower garden~so cute!

Throw in some flowers, ribbons, collection packs, floral ephemera, walnut stained tags with a vintage millinery flower, a little bit of Crafty Secrets and there you have it!

This is Wendy's latest endeavor, I have wanted to make these album baskets for at least 5 years and they're almost ready for use~ I'm just waiting to find the handles! Wendy really got into this little project and went crazy with some of my album covers that I've been collecting. They are really cute, I've been thinking that when we have huge crowds on special occasions it will be a great way to do some gift drawings. Clever eh? Whoever has the Frank Sinatra album...come on down~ you're the winner!

We have also been busy making one of a kind gift bags. These are really fun little unique bags that are perfect for gift giving.

We are in love with Jenni Bowlin's Haven paper line! They are all double-sided cover stock, so that means you'll have to decide which gorgeous side to use.

We are also continuing to carry her Black and Creme line of papers along with all the new additions that she keeps creating. I love this top paper with the school children~ some of them have such hysterical expressions on their faces and it's a fun paper to use too!

We now have the Metal Effects Iron Paint & Rust Activator~ YIPPEE!
The famous duet of Jack & Cat Curio use this product on many items, the metal bird collage is one of them.

Did you know that we have the largest selection of the Tim Holtz Ideology line of products?
So cool! I know I don't get out much to shop other stores, but we do have the largest selection that I have seen in any shop in the area. As I am typing this we just got a delivery of more of his items! I can see light bulbs, drill punch and even paper stashes.

This is a new company the Bottle Cap Company...catchy stuff.
The bottle caps that we have in are 1 inch and we also have the clear epoxy stickers to go over the tops. Super simple. Later we'll be getting in some of their other product that will fit right in the bottle caps and the best part is that they are vintage style!

We've also been putting together many NEW collection packs~
Victorian Ladies.



AND NEW Ephemera sheets!
Mermaid, Farm, & Baking.

and even Father's Day.

This is still my favorite display that has been in the front of the shop for awhile, I don't really want to change it any time soon.

That's it for now...more rambling later this week.

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Paris Cowgirl said...

You all have been very busy! I have dibs on the George Strait album purse! The store looks great!