Wednesday, April 06, 2011

NEW in the shop!

NEW Cavallini is here...

We've been so excited about these NEW papers, we couldn't wait for them to get here!

We have restocked Easter Glitter Greetings always a favorite!

This is the NEW Vintage Ephemera Wrap Sheet~ it has a little bit of everything on it.

This is the NEW Vintage Ephemera Bird Wrap Sheet~ everyone needs one of these!
I'm bringing you one this Friday Lola.

We have some NEW ribbons too~
We also have some more Vintage Trim that are not pictured.
This rose trim is from Making Memories and is a wonderful color~so Parisian...and so Springy!

NEW peach crocheted trim.

And NEW Romance Trim from Making Memories.

Now onto our Vintage Finds for the week!
We have found Vintage Wooden Crown & Fleur de Lis Dominoes!

This Kitten (pushing a floral cart) Planter is adorable!

Hansel and Gretel...These are hand painted chalk-ware~very adorable.

Handmade Yo-yos.

Vintage Tablecloth pieces~ these are from the vinyl kind. Great to use with paint or mist sprays as a stencil.

Spring Butterflies.

And Vintage Hankies.

This is our NEW "Studio 34" sign~ painted by Kevynn.
In this part of the store we are planning to hold Technique Classes on Wednesdays beginning May 4th with Jack & Cat!

A little peek at one of the studio chairs that were just recovered...this one is my favorite!

Make sure that you stay tuned and check out Mystic Paper's Class page, we will be adding Jack and Cat's Technique classes in the next day or two.

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House of Hullabaloo said...

Gretal has cankles! Love all the new stuff!