Thursday, December 30, 2010

We've Been Busy...

Changing the Shop Around...

It's that time of year, when things get moved around. This time we move the back Kitchen Section to the front of the shop and created the back section with what was left over!
At least it seems that way...I did actually have this envisioned before we started.

A little corner of our shop is now an Inspirational Luscious Vintage Serene Array of Wonderful Papers and Ephemera.
But I don't think we'll call it that. I want to mention that the catalog pages were my 10 year old son's idea, I think he's catching on to merchandising.

Vintage Catalog Pages, Vintage Travel Cases, Ephemera, Rub-Ons, Mannequin Cut Books, Vintage Photo Frames, and Vintage Glass & Shell Buttons.
It's our new favorite section of the shop!

Now for the front of the shop...
If you didn't know already, we LOVE the Kit Kat Klocks! We are now selling them.
We decided that a better way to display all of the clocks was to highlight them with the new October Afternoon Line~ Modern Homemaker. So that means we brought most of the Kitchen Section from the back corner of the shop up to the very front of the shop by the front door.

Almost all of our Vintage Kitchen items are for sale. If it has a tag on it, it's for sale.
Not the table and chairs!

We also just received the latest issue of Mary Jane's Farm and it is a BEAUTY! You will love this issue, we just put it out today and have already sold 6! This issue has a little bit of everything.
If you don't love this issue, I'll eat a bug. Okay, not really, but I know you'll love it as much as we do!

Thanks Kevynn for all of your hard work the last couple of days!

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Hey Doll
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