Monday, August 16, 2010

Fun Classes

Some of August's Classes...

Here are some photos from the last couple of classes! Where does the time go? I was taking Jenny's Pixie Class just the other day.
Jenny's classes are so much fun, I recommend them to anyone, she really is a great teacher.

Everyone busy at work molding the paper clay and painting.

Here are some happy ladies with their finished Pixies.

Some close up Pixies.

That was some serious cuteness going on in the Pixie Class. Jenny's next class will be in October. Check it out on our website.

Last Saturday's class was taught by none other than Suzette!
Birds of a Feather...

Talk about a beautiful book~
Everyone was busy at work, they had a lot of it to do!

The bigger the mess, the more fun the class! (Or as we like to say~ more funner!)

Stay tuned for more upcoming classes, new product, and some more funner stuff.

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