Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That...

A little bit of everything came in this week. Besides all the wonderful Stampington Magazines we also pulled these out of a box.

Witches Potion Bottles! True, it seems too early to be thinking about Halloween, but how can you resist these?

We also found another Wire Dress Form, unfortunately there is just one of these little ladies.
We also have these incredible Panoche Toffee Jars in 2 sizes~ I forgot to mention those the last time I blogged about some of the crazy that we got in. They are perfect for buttons, gumballs, and what ever other odds 'n ends you have in your creative space. And since it's so HOT that's what all of you are doing this Summer right? Being creative!

More Birds, little birdies! These are such adorable little tweets. But I can't keep all of the good stuff for myself. At least that's what Kim always tells me, I have to share.

Did all of you know that we have tons of charms now? Here are the latest arrivals.
Bats! See it's not too early to think of Halloween, we've got BATS!

Some really cool 3-D crowns.

Some Knotted Hearts, or maybe they're twisted, but in a good way.

More Keys.

And some very cute and very wise Owls.

I guess that's it, until I get up from the computer and see something else I've missed.
I will have to keep all of you posted on what else I forgot.

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Holly Moore said...

Oh, I see lots of little goodies that I must have! :) Plus, I think I am addicted to Halloween. It's never too early.