Friday, April 02, 2010

Eye Candy for the Weekend...

We have tons of new Charms that just came in this week. They are in their official "Charmed Spot" which is on top of the Antique Radio, underneath all of our glorious ribbons & vintage trims.

Last week we purchased tons of both German Scrap and German Dresden!
It took us quite a few days this week to package and price it all. Our German Scrap is both with and without GLITTER! The thing about the German Scrap is that we only have one of most of the sheets, sometimes two, so come in asap for the best selection.

Dresden Galore! Adorable Bunnies and Swallows, which look great with a little bit of Ranger Alcohol Ink on them~ the possibilities are endless. (Ask to see the Rabbit with Alcohol Ink that's behind the counter for ideas)

Crowns, Crowns, Crowns...big and small.

Rosettes and Wings in many colors.

I forgot to mention that we also have NEW colors of Vintage German Glass Glitter that just came in this week as well, including Purrrrple. It looks like it might just be time to get your German on and pick up your favorite German Glittery Dresdeny Crafty Scrap supplies this weekend.

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