Friday, November 20, 2009

So many things to talk about, so little time...

For now, let's start with books, glimmer, and magazines.

If any of you soldering ladies out there who are stuck for gift ideas...
you gotta have this book! Sally Jean Alexander solders just about everything.
Even the book alone is a great gift for the holidays, and a little ribbon and a little bling,
the possibilities are endless!
This is another wonderful book that we have had to reorder.
When we first got this book in I was inspired by the pictures and of course Kim was inspired
by the writing. Go figure!
Soon we will be hosting a series of classes based on this fabulous book. Keep an eye out on the website for upcoming details.

And GLIMMER's finally here in a rainbow of glimmering colors.
If you have a color in mind that you need, give us a call to hold it for you. These will
fly outta here quicker than Donner can kick Blitzen. Those silly reindeer!

We have ordered this issue of Somerset's Marie for the third time. We have had a resurgence of Marie Antoinette here at the store. With this magazine you'll go MA (Marie Antoinette) crazy. Have you seen our holiday tree? Decked out to the nines with fancy MA tags, chandelier crystals, glittered and stickled birds and PINK lights.

The latest issue of Haute Handbags~ this is the first time we have ordered this one, we want to see if we should keep it around, so let us know what you think!

More Somerset Life to tie us over until the new issue comes out. So many great ideas in this one. I went over to the bookcase to show a customer a couple of weeks ago and had no idea that we were completely out of now we have more.

We have many more new and restocked items in the store but I have had many technical issues this past couple of weeks. These pictures I took from other sites. Yikes!
Next week I promise I will blog about the new products that have come in and we have even more coming in next week! ~j


Paris Cowgirl said...

Great class idea based on the book Jennifer! I am so there.

Jennifer and Kim said...

I thought you would be!