Friday, April 24, 2009

We have all of the newest issues from Stampington in stock!

Artful Blogging. If you have been thinking about starting a blog, this is the magazine for you. It will pull you right into the wonderful world of blogging and get you completely hooked. The photos in this magazine are sure to inspire.

Who doesn't dream of having a wonderful studio? We've heard comments like "why would I want to look at these women's studios when I could never have one like it?" What we have found when looking at their beautiful studios is that it give you ideas of what to do with what you have in your own studio. And if you look closely you can find inexpensive ideas for storage and great ideas for display. In addition to getting to look at their studios you will also be able to read their stories. Stories of their lives, struggles, and accomplishments. Stories that will make you realize that "they're just like us".

And finally the newest Somerset Studio.

We had the honor of a visit from Carlene Federer and Becky Bunn and guess what? They are both published in this issue of Somerset! Check them out on pages 12 - 14 and 92 - 95. Our list of published teachers is growing and growing. That's right both of these talented ladies have classes on our calendar. Becky's is on the website already and Carlene's will be on our calendar shortly. It was published in a previous edition of Somerset and she just got it back into her own hands. We'll have it photographed and on the calendar soon!

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JWood said...

awesome! GRATZ girls!!!