Sunday, October 05, 2008

Yesterday's Acrylic Overlay Class...

Was a huge success! Here are some of the ladies working hard.

Bett's work in progress.

This is Sandy's (the instructor) start of a shabby chic board. Check out her blog to see the finished painting.

Lisa's "precious" dog Buddy!

Bett and Judy's finished works of art!

Lisa proudly showing off her "precious" piece of art. She's thinking doing an entire series of paintings of Buddy!

Diane's finished piece. Isn't her daughter beautiful?

Last is Kim's piece. When you're the photographer you don't have to be in the picture!

As you can see there was quite a variety of painting going on. The subjects are endless. I enjoyed this class so much. I have never even picked up a paint brush before. So, as you can see, truly anyone can do this. And I can't wait to do more! Everyone should give this a try. We'll be scheduling another class soon. Thank's Sandy!


Pam said...

Looks like fun. I may have to sign up when you offer it again.

Maija said...

Kim- your piece is fabulous!!

Her Vintage Stage said...

You did great, look at the hair! This picture is totally you and I bet the cowgirl is thinking about taking the show to Paris.

domestic bliss said...

so pretty! These look fabulous- maybe even I can paint???