Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday's happenings!

We are so happy to be open on Sunday's again. Sure, we're crazy but look at all of the people we wouldn't have got to see again.

Here are our Arkansas friends Debbie and Bonnie. They are just the sweetest sisters and they're from the place in Arkansas where Kim stomped t
hrough graveyards looking for long lost relatives.

This crazy group of women came to CE from Ridgecrest CA. They said we enabled them, but we don't think they needed any help. hehe

On top of all of the shoppers we had a class going downstairs. Mike taught his "Wrapped In Secrets" class. It's amazing the depth and dimension he can teach you to create.
Here are a few of the finished projects. They all turned out great!

We had a great week at Mystic Paper and want to thank all of the ladies who went out of their way to come visit us. We've got a lot more pictures to show you. We finally found the cord to get the pictures off of the internal memory so we'll be posting them next week!

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