Saturday, July 26, 2008

What a fun day! Happy Birthday Sue!

Today was like one big party at Mystic Paper. Kim, Sue, and Sherry were out celebrating Sue's birthday and they started their day with us. Flowers, cake, lunch, and shopping. They really know how to do it right. We missed Colleen but we hear she'll be back next week.

And if anyone can create a party it's Carlene! Carlene is a favorite gal of mine who is way too much fun, an artist who is published alot, and a poster of some of my favorite pictures on her blog. (I tried to put a link to one of my fav pics on her site, but alas, where is Mike P. when you need him. I can't figure it out). Oh, that's right this post isn't about me, is it! So, Sue was buying the current issue of Stampers Sampler and I had to point out to her that Carlene was published in it. Which led to an autograph and a picture. Lots of laughs and alot of eye rolling from Mr. Federer who was comfortably seated in the "man" chair. It was a great day!

And, there's just one more thing I need to point out. Carlene said that she will definitely be teaching some classes at Mystic Paper. She said it, I heard it, and I blogged it! We're gonna hold you to it Carlene because afterall, if you blog about it it's pretty much written in stone. Right?


carlene federer said...

OMGod Kim, you are so on the ball, I can't believe you actually posted this so fast! Mystic Paper is definitely Party Central for sure! Happy Birthday (month!) again to Sue...
BUT...Kim, I swear to god, I said TAKE...TAKE some classes in the fall!!! I knew you were trouble girl!

Anonymous said...

Take, teach...I can see where the confusion is. We would LOVE for you to teach at Mystic Paper Carlene. SERIOUSLY, it would be tons of fun!