Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Cavallini!

Who can resist these Bird Gift Tags.

And Hello Paris Gift Tags!

Do you need a Paris Eiffel Tower Cityscape Notebook (who doesn't?)

New Sew Somerset Magazine with our own Judy Bidwell published again! Little Peggy Lou
can be found on Page 80. Congratulations Judy!
We also got the new Somerset Memories and a fun page by Carlene Federer was published on Page 78. Check out Dane (The King of the Surf)! Congrats Carlene!


Anonymous said...

Kim and Jennifer,
Oh how I wish I was around the corner from you (instead of in a different State)! I would be shopping there just about everyday. Well, maybe its a good thing (for my wallet) that I'm a state away! Miss you both! Hope to see you soon!

kim hesson said...

just got the newsletter! so excited about teaching at your store! gonna have lots of fun!

Racergrl754 said...

Those Bird tags are wonderful and I don't even like birds very much-hahaa

JWood said...

very pretty stuff, as always...

have a terrific weekend!

Altered Artists said...

Ok, I can't resist the bird tags!
I will be in on Monday to pick mine up before they fly away. :)