Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Tim Holtz product...

We've all been waiting so patiently and now we've got it. His idea-ology Metal Numerals are here. And his Metal idea-ology Hinge Clips and Long Fasteners.

We're expecting the rest of the idea-ology products at the end of this month...can't wait!

More of the new Clear Art Stamps from Crafty Secrets, aren't these just the cutest little stamps? If you aren't really a stamper but love the stamps like we do, check out their Sample Gallery. So many great ideas, you'll want to try them all.

We've also picked up a new paper company and it is "Vintagey Gorgeous"!
Graphic 45 Papers, their two lines are both very fashionably vintage looking and double sided!

Times Nouveau and Baby 2 Bride.

Here's the newest Flora Doodles from Petaloo...

along with new velvet leaves, paper fruits, and flowers...such pretty colors.

You may have noticed that our web site has not been working lately. It seems that a very important "thingy" called a server is having a bit of trouble. Without that server our web site doesn't work and neither does our e-mail. They have told us that we should have e-mail by tomorrow morning and hopefully a web site by tomorrow evening. We are completely lost without it! So, if you've e-mailed us we apologize. We'll answer as soon as we can or, better yet, give us a call if you need to!

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Sweet Sage said...

Don't sell any of that vintagey paper till I get there!!!! LOVE IT!