Monday, March 03, 2008

Under Construction...

For those of you that have been customers of Mystic Paper over the last 3 1/2 years you know that nothing stays the same around here for very long. That would be mostly because of "The Peddler" aka Kim's husband. We have sold the building that is the current home of Mystic Paper. But, don't worry, Mystic Paper is not going anywhere except maybe next door at what used to be the antique store. So the remodeling has begun! Will we live through it? Of course...Do we like it? Not so much. Too much noise! Soooo, to make us feel better about this we are having an Under Construction Sale. Starting today you can take 10% off of your entire sale. Huh, we're feeling better already!

We are also putting our entire line of Creative Cafe on sale. Everything related to Creative Cafe is 40% off! That includes all of the felt, stickers, die cuts, rub-ons, stamps, envelopes, and chipboard. All. Of. It.
Yes, all of it...including felt flowers, shapes, words, tags, and buttons. Whew, now we're really feeling good!

And you bet we will keep you posted on the progress. You never know what we'll do next if this construction takes very long! We may have to have a few more sales. This sale makes us feel so good that it will be good through Good Friday (March 21st).

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