Friday, February 01, 2008

Lots of talent in the February/March issue of Somerset Memories...

Let's start on Page 22...

We had the pleasure of meeting Jules Eickmeier and her crew when they came to Creative Escape last September. She does a great job of "recreating" her Italian journey. Congratulations Jules! Maybe our paths will cross again at CHA!

We only have to turn a few pages to get to The Nest Wedding Album created by our fav cowgirl Carlene Federer. Nothing like a little four page color layout to add to your "published" resume. What's next Carlene?

Next, on to page 73 where Carol Wingert has a fun layout featuring her daughter Ashley. We are so lucky to have such talented artists here in AZ and that they share their work!

Oh, and guess who's back on page 76, it's Carlene again. This time with a layout about shopping! Why Carlene that's shocking!

And last but not least, our teacher, Judy Bidwell is on page 81. Somerset uses her submission to Sew Somerset in their advertisement for the next issue of the magazine. That's quite a compliment, way to go Judy!

Don't forget, our sale continues through tomorrow. On a little bit of a sad note (for us), Kim's husband AKA "The Peddler" is closing his doors. Most of you know that Mystic Paper and RJ Peddler's have shared our building for almost two years now. So, that means he is having one GIGANTIC SALE. The general public will be able to shop the discounts starting next Friday, February 8th, but you scrappers will be able to shop starting tomorrow! How's that for special treatment?

See you tomorrow!


Jules said...

Thank you both so much for the kind words both here and on my blog. You two are the best! I am making sure I have your blog listed on both of mine...again, thanks, Jule

emily h. said...

Totally off topic but, do you guys sell foam dots?

carlene federer said...

awww, you gals are TOO sweet, you're making me blush, lol!
Have fun at cha, order lots of good stuff for me!