Saturday, January 12, 2008

New for Valentine's Day...

We have the ENTIRE line of Creative Imaginations "LOVE STRUCK"
Papers, stickers, ribbons, metals, rub-ons, the whole enchilada. If you've never purchased it before now's your chance! Customers have been Head Over Heals for all the Valentine's papers and embellishments.

So many pretty things...

HEART the transparencies...

Did someone say GRUNDGEBOARD? We did get some Grundgeboard in, and the little distressing hammer. What will Tim think of next?

Ahh...You may recognize these little guys from awhile ago. We have them back in!
But I'll tell you a secret...we don't expect them to stay around long.

Wait, enchilada...I think I'm hungry. -jw


Altered Artists said...

Love Struck Rocks! I will be in Wednesday to snatch up those babies! I can't wait to show my friend Dawn your place.
Have a delightful day!

Jules said...

Oh, I love those little buttons and must have do I order?

carlene federer said...

OMG Kim, you are a freaking GENIUS!!! I am gonna go get my calculator right now and estimate the costs of "FH" products, and vow to spend that much per year in your gorgeous store (OK, I probably already spend more than that now, but that is NOT the point, & now I can justify spending even more, lol!)
I could spend a years worth of "FH" $'s on those vintage stamps alone!
Thanx for the sweet email, you rock!